IL level code debugger

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IL level code debugger,

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Is there any IL level debugger in form of a VS plugin or standalone application?

Visual studio’s debugger is great, but it allows you to debug on either HLL code level or assembly language, you can’t debug IL.
It seems that in some situations it would be useful to have an opportunity to debug at IL level.

In particular it might be helpful when debugging a problem in the code that you don’t have the source of.

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It is arguable if it is actually useful to debug IL when you don’t have the source, but anyway.


The best way to do this is to use ILDASM to disassemble the managed binary, which will generate the IL instructions. Then recompile that IL source code in debug mode using ILASM, when you fire up the Visual Studio debugger you will be able to step through the raw IL.

  1. ildasm foo.exe / /SOURCE
  2. ilasm /DEBUG

I’ve written a blog post about this topic at:

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