Removing elements with in JavaScript

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Removing elements with in JavaScript,

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I would like to filter an array of items by using the map() function. Here is a code snippet:

var filteredItems =  {      if( ...some condition... )      {          return item;      }  });  

The problem is that filtered out items still uses space in the array and I would like to completely wipe them out.

Any idea?

EDIT: Thanks, I forgot about filter(), what I wanted is actually a filter() then a map().

EDIT2: Thanks for pointing that map() and filter() are not implemented in all browsers, although my specific code was not intended to run in a browser.

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You should use the filter method rather than map unless you want to mutate the items in the array, in addition to filtering.


var filteredItems = items.filter(function(item)  {      return ...some condition...;  });  

[Edit: Of course you could always do sourceArray.filter(...).map(...) to both filter and mutate]

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