How do I prevent IIS7 from dropping my cookies?

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How do I prevent IIS7 from dropping my cookies?,

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I’m using Windows Vista x64 with SP1, and I’m developing an ASP.NET app with IIS7 as the web server. I’ve got a problem where my cookies aren’t “sticking” to the session, so I had a Google and found that there was a known issue with duplicate response headers overwriting instead of being added to the session. This problem was, however, supposed to have been fixed in Service Pack 1 for Vista.

Any ideas as to what my trouble might be?

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I’m using an Integrated app pool, and the max number of worker processes == 1.

What’s the significance of the underscore? Does it matter where in the URL it is (e.g. it matters if it’s in the host name, but not if it’s in the query string


And one other thing, you’re not running the app pool in web garden mode? i.e. Process Model -> Maximum Worker Processes: > 1

What type of app pool are you using – Integrated or Classic mode ?

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