Datagrid: Calculate Avg or Sum for column in Footer

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Datagrid: Calculate Avg or Sum for column in Footer,

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I have a datagrid getting bound to a dataset, and I want to display the average result in the footer for a column populated with integers.

The way I figure, there’s 2 ways I can think of:

1.”Use the Source, Luke”
In the code where I’m calling DataGrid.DataBind(), use the DataTable.Compute() method (or in my case DataSet.DataTable(0).Compute()). For example:

Dim strAverage = DataTable.Compute("Avg(ColumnName)", "")    

But once I have this, how can I insert it into the footer?

2.”Bound for Glory”
Using the DataGrid.ItemDataBound event, and calculating a running total from every ListItemType.Item and ListItemType.AlternatingItem, finally displaying in ListItemType.Footer. For example:

Select Case e.Item.ItemType      Case ListItemType.Item, ListItemType.AlternatingItem          runningTotal += CInt(e.Item.Cells(2).Text)      Case ListItemType.Footer          e.Item.Cells(2).Text = runningTotal/DataGrid.Items.Count  End Select  

This just feels wrong, plus I would have to make sure the runningTotal is reset on every DataBind.

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Is there a better way?


I don’t know if either are necessarily better, but two alternate ways would be:

  1. Manually run through the table once you hit the footer and calculate from the on-screen text
  2. Manually retrieve the data and do the calculation separately from the bind

Of course, #2 sort of offsets the advantages of data binding (assuming that’s what you’re doing).

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