WCF Backward Compatibility Issue

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WCF Backward Compatibility Issue,

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I have a WCF service that I have to reference from a .net 2.0 project.

I have tried to reference it using the “add web reference” method but it messes up the params.

For example, I have a method in the service that expects a char[] to be passed in, but when I add the web reference, the method expects an int[].

So then I tried to setup svcutil and it worked… kind of.
I could only get the service class to compile by adding a bunch of .net 3.0 references to my .net 2.0 project. This didn’t sit well with the architect so I’ve had to can it (and probably for the best too).

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So I was wondering if anyone has any pointers or resources on how I can setup a .net 2.0 project to reference a WCF service.


One of those instances that you need to edit the WSDL. For a start a useful tool

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