RaisePostBackEvent not firing

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RaisePostBackEvent not firing,

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I have a custom control that implements IPostBackEventHandler. Some client-side events invoke __doPostBack(controlID, eventArgs).

The control is implemented in two different user controls. In one control, RaisePostBackEvent is fired on the server-side when __doPostBack is invoked. In the other control, RaisePostBackEvent is never invoked. I checked the __EVENTTARGET parameter and it does match the ClientID of the control… where else might I look to troubleshoot this?


There’s a lot of ways this can fall apart. Are you adding the control to the page dynamically in code behind? If so alot of times your UniqueID can be off – even though the client id’s are equal. Do you have a code sample that might demonstrate what you’re doing?

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