Delphi resources for existing .NET developer

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Delphi resources for existing .NET developer,

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Can anyone recommend some decent resources for a .NET developer who wishes to get a high level overview of the Delphi language?

We are about acquire a small business whose main product is developed in Delphi and I am wanting to build up enough knowledge to be able to talk the talk with them.

Books, websites etc all appreciated.



  • gives a good overview of basic syntax, library functions etc.
  • is a free e-book by Marco Cantu that should give a good overview, also of the VCL
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Feel free to ask around here as well, or in the Delphi newsgroups, if you encounter specific issues 🙂

[edit] @Martin:

  • There’s aavailable at the Codegear/Embarcadero website. I guess it has some limitations, so you could also try

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