Best format for displaying rendered time on a webpage

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Best format for displaying rendered time on a webpage,

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I’ve started to add the time taken to render a page to the footer of our internal web applications. Currently it appears like this

Rendered in 0.062 seconds

Occasionally I get rendered times like this

Rendered in 0.000 seconds

Currently it’s only meant to be a guide for users to judge whether a page is quick to load or not, allowing them to quickly inform us if a page is taking 17 seconds rather than the usual 0.5. My question is what format should the time be in? At which point should I switch to a statement such as

Rendered in less than a second

I like seeing the tenths of a second but the second example above is of no use to anyone, in fact it just highlights the limits of the calculation I use to find the render time. I’d rather not let the users see that at all! Any answers welcome, including whether anything should be included on the page.

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“Rendered instantly” sounds way better than “Rendered in less than a second”.

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