Generic type conversion FROM string

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Generic type conversion FROM string,

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I have a class that I want to use to store “properties” for another class. These properties simply have a name and a value. Ideally, what I would like is to be able to add typed properties, so that the “value” returned is always of the type that I want it to be.

The type should always be a primitive. This class subclasses an abstract class which basically stores the name and value as string. The idea being that this subclass will add some type-safety to the base class (as well as saving me on some conversion).

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So, I have created a class which is (roughly) this:

public class TypedProperty : Property  {      public DataType TypedValue      {          get { // Having problems here! }          set { base.Value = value.ToString();}      }  }  

So the question is:

Is there a “generic” way to convert from string back to a primitive?

I can’t seem to find any generic interface that links the conversion across the board (something like ITryParsable would have been ideal!).


I am not sure whether I understood your intentions correctly, but let’s see if this one helps.

public class TypedProperty : Property where T : IConvertible  {      public T TypedValue      {          get { return (T)Convert.ChangeType(base.Value, typeof(T)); }          set { base.Value = value.ToString();}      }  }  

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