3 Easy Steps to Remove TikTok’s Rotoscope Filter Feature

Are you still confused about how to get rid of the Tiktok Rotoscope? Don’t worry, you can easily solve it with the following 3 easy steps.

The camera filter in the Tiktok application suddenly went viral and trended in several media discussions, many Tiktok users wanted to find out how to remove the Tiktok rotoscope filter feature.

To help you tiktok users, Teknobgt has summarized into 3 easy steps as a powerful weapon to remove rotoscope filters. Want to know how? see the following steps:

3 Easy Steps to Remove TikTok’s Rotoscope Filter Feature

Before discussing how to remove this viral tiktok filter, you must first know what a rotoscope is.

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Rotoscope is a tiktok camera filter that allows users to create animations from film footage. The frame by frame per second is traced to produce a realistic animation.

This animation will be intertwined to coincide with the color change. The user’s body is moved in front of the cellphone camera, until the animation will appear on the cellphone screen.

But this feature can be a little annoying for those of you who like to play TikTok or like to download TikTok videos without a watermark that are short in duration.

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To create an animation with this filter, you can follow the steps as follows:

  • The first step is to open the tiktok application
  • Then Tap on the create video button and select an effect, a list of trending filters will be shown
  • Choose a Rotoscope filter then make a video like moving your head to the beat of a song or make something else with your own creativity.

But in fact, many tiktok users in Indonesia don’t like this filter and are considered disturbing videos that have been made. The steps to remove the rotoscope filter on tiktok are as follows:

  • First of all is to open the tiktok application and enter the “create” button
  • Next select Effect
  • If you want to remove the rotoscope filter, click the round icon which has 3 crisp sides
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Done, you have successfully removed this feature from tiktok.
How? very easy! okay, if this article is useful and helps you then invite or share this article with your friends who feel uncomfortable with this filter.