Matthew Stafford’s Wife Health

The Staffords married in the year 2015, and they currently reside in Los Angeles, California. They have four children, and Matthew has recently signed with the Los Angeles Rams for the 2020 season. In March of that year, they spoke to the media about the new team. In April of this year, Kelly revealed that her husband has a rare brain tumor. She went to the doctor and was given a vertigo medication and an MRI, and she is expected to fully recover by the end of the season.

In October, Stafford shared a picture of a clear scan of her breast cancer on Instagram. The first image of her new condition showed the two-year-old, who has a pink smear on her left lobe. But her condition worsened after the surgery, and she underwent radiation. On February 13, she announced that she was pregnant with her fourth child, a girl. But she kept the news quiet until the day she announced the pregnancy.

In January, Kelly Stafford announced on Instagram that she had a tumor in her brain. The doctors diagnosed the tumor as an acoustic neuroma, which is a slow-growing tumor of the brain. The surgery, which took twelve hours, left her with a permanent scar. The couple’s fourth child is expected to arrive in July 2021. Although the birth date of their fourth child is still unknown, she recently began working out in an exercise facility and hopes to be back in shape by the end of the year.

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Since the diagnosis, Kelly Stafford has been sharing updates on her health on social media. Her first baby, Hunter Dawson Stafford, was born in February 2018. In July 2021, she was pregnant with her fourth child. She kept the gender of her fourth child a secret until the last few months, and she shared a photo of her clear scan on Twitter on 14 April. In August of last year, she was celebrating the Rams’ win over the 49ers. In January, the team is scheduled to compete in the Super Bowl on 13 February.

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While there is no official word on Stafford’s wife’s recovery, her daughter was born a few months after her husband’s surgery. The two also welcomed a son in September. As of now, they have five more children together. Earlier this year, she had her second child with her husband, but he kept the sex of their fourth child a secret for a few weeks. As of this year, she is still working on her recovery. But she continues to share updates with fans.

The Staffords’ husband has not been the only one to struggle with his wife’s health. She is not able to work due to a knee problem that she had last year. As of last week, the quarterback has been in a rehab hospital for several weeks, and has been given a week off to rest. This means that he is not going to be able to work out this week. While the news was devastating for everyone in the Stafford family, she is doing fine and is recovering well.

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Kelly Stafford has been a strong supporter of her husband. The former NFL player and coach is also a friend of his wife, Kelly. The two have been married since 2012, and he has been married for almost two years. Their marriage has been a source of pride for their son, as it is a part of their lives. While he has been active on social media in recent months, his wife has been battling breast cancer. However, the disease has remained in the background.

The couple’s marriage has been a source of great pride for both men and wives. In their early days together, they were on the field celebrating the Rams’ victory over the 49ers. The couple are now in the Super Bowl and it’s her husband’s favourite team. The husband of a football player has a wife who has been the same with him for two years and is an amazing role model.