NBA Games Yesterday

NBA fans were treated to a series of great NBA games yesterday. The Washington Wizards swept the Indiana Pacers, and Phil Jackson became the sixth NBA coach to win 1,000 games. He’s done it in 17 seasons, which is quicker than Pat Riley. The Boston Celtics had a 27-2 record going into the game, but they fell behind in the third quarter and never got back in the game. The Lakers went on a 13-2 run to win, securing their eighth seed in the East.

The NBA’s day began at noon with the Thunder/Knicks matchup. Then there were 11 games. The first game was the Knicks-Thunder, and the last one ended at 10pm with the Lakers/Warriors game. Both games were incredibly important to NBA owners, as they determine where each team finishes in the postseason. In this article, we will examine some of the fantasy basketball takeaways from yesterday’s games.

In the evening, there were two highly anticipated games. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics 92-83, with Kobe Bryant scoring a career-high 27 points. In the Finals, the Denver Nuggets hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder and won 131-92. The title was the Celtics’ first in 22 years, and they earned their league-leading 17th title. The other two games were Dallas 102-94 and the Portland Blazers won by five.

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On the other hand, a few other games were highly anticipated. The Thunder/Knicks clash started at noon and ended with a dramatic finish. The Thunder/Knicks game ended at 10pm. Despite the lackluster quality of the games, the overall value of the league’s games is still high. If you’re looking for the best players, the NBA Premium Pass is the best option. It’s loaded with exclusive DFS tools and has the most detailed matchup ratings. A full-season NBA Premium Pass has everything you need to succeed in your NBA DFS drafts.

The NBA games on Sunday weren’t great. The Houston Rockets beat the Houston Sixers so badly that they’ve been forced to bench James Harden for the fourth quarter. The Thunder beat the Portland Trail Blazers by a huge margin and beat the Phoenix Suns by eight points. Both of these teams are still alive in the playoffs, and there are no big surprises here. But it is worth checking out the NBA premium pass to see how much it can help you in your daily DFS.

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On the other hand, there were a few games that were worth watching. The Raptors-Pistons game on TSN was the highest-rated quarter-hour in the league in 12 years. Afterward, the Lakers beat the Magic. However, the Thunder beat the Nets. In addition, the Sacramento Kings beat the Blazers. The other two games on Tuesday were good but not great. You should also pay attention to these games in DFS.

The NBA games on January 21 were not all that great. The Sixers beat the Houston Rockets so badly that Harden didn’t even play in the fourth quarter. The Bulls and Thunder beat the Lakers and were so close that both teams didn’t need to play each other in the fourth quarter. In addition to the NBA Premium Pass, there are many other exclusive DFS tools on the Research Station. The Lineup Optimizer is the most popular tool on the site, with the Matchup Rating Projection being the most comprehensive.

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The NBA games on January 21 were not so great. The Sixers beat the Houston Rockets so badly that Harden wasn’t even able to play in the fourth quarter. In addition to the Sixers, the Magic beat the Lakers, while the Thunder beat the Thunder. The Portland/Utah game was also close. Regardless, the NBA had some good games yesterday. And in fact, the Celtics had two good games too.

The LA Lakers defeated the Los Angeles Clippers, 92-83. In the NBA games yesterday Finals, the Celtics won by an impressive 131-92 margin, which gave them their first title in 22 years. It is their 17th title in the league, and the NBA season will not be over until the end of May. The rest of the season’s games will be played tomorrow. It’s always a good idea to check in with the NBA schedule and see what’s on.