The Family of Lauren Smith Fields Files a Lawsuit Against the Police Department

Following the death of a black model, her family has filed a lawsuit against the police department for failing to protect them. Their daughter, 23, was killed in her apartment on December 12 following a Bumble date. The investigation is still underway, but her mother has expressed hope that her daughter’s death will help find answers. She has since begun preparing a lawsuit against the police department. This article will give you a brief history of Smith-Fields’ life and the tragic events that followed.

According to the police investigation, the cause of Lauren Smith-Fields’ death is an overdose of prescription painkillers. The OCME report says the model died of an overdose of fentanyl, but the family has argued that there is no evidence to support that. The family’s statement praised the work of the Connecticut Police Department, pointing to the social media influencer’s post that she had followed in her early 20s.

The Bridgeport Police Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 21-year-old Lauren Smith-Fields, who was discovered dead in her apartment on December 12. The vice department of the Bridgeport Police Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration are leading the investigation. A medical examiner’s report will shed more light on the circumstances surrounding her death, including whether foul play was involved. The incident has created a stir among Smith-Fields’ family and fans, and the police are doing everything possible to prove their innocence.

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The Bridgeport Police Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration are investigating the death of 23-year-old Lauren Smith-Fields. Although the death was ruled to be an accidental overdose, her family is upset with the lack of investigation. It is unknown if the bridgeport police will be able to provide any further information. The family plans to file a lawsuit, and her Instagram account has received over a million followers.

The incident in which Smith-Fields died is still being investigated by the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. It is unclear what caused her death, but the cause of death was a drug overdose. Currently, the investigation is ongoing and there are no suspects. The police are still looking for the truth, but the family is not trusting the police investigators. The death of Lauren Smith-Fields is a shocking case.

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Although the investigation continues, the incident is tragic and should not be ignored. In the end, her death was caused by a drug overdose, and the police have not responded to the family’s pleas for help. The teen’s death was a victim of drug overdose and was a high-profile social media influencer. She was killed on December 12, 2021. Her family is furious about the police’s handling of the case, as they are unsure of the exact cause of her death.

The social media influencer was found dead in her apartment on December 12 after a drug overdose. Her death was mysterious and her death has prompted the family to appeal to the media for justice. In a post on her Instagram account, her sister called for the police to investigate the death, but they are yet to comment on the cause of death. Despite these issues, the investigation is underway and the Smith-Fields family has remained strong, despite the recent developments.

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In addition to her death, Smith-Fields’ Instagram accounts also inspired a number of people to take action. The family is not taking the OCME report at face value and are calling for a criminal investigation into the case. However, they aren’t denying the police’s involvement in Smith-Fields’ death. She was a young Black woman who had no criminal record and was a skilled eyebrow specialist.

Her death has shocked the entire community. Her family is seeking justice for Smith-Fields and wants the Bridgeport Police to open a new investigation into the death. In the meantime, her family is awaiting answers. A death investigation is in progress and the family is requesting a thorough examination of the case. There is also a petition on behalf of the police department calling for the police to open an investigation into Smith-Fields’ murder.