The Australian Open Doubles Prize Money For 2022

The Australian Open has announced the prize money for the doubles tournament in 2022. The winning team will pocket $577,790 in cash, while runners up will earn $288,890 in Australian Dollars. The doubles semifinalists and quarterfinalists will also receive some money. The teams that make it to the Round-3 will receive $44,780 and $28,890. If the doubles tournament is played on clay courts, the winners will take home a combined total of $800,000 ASD.

The total prize money for the Australian Open in 2022 will be $486,250, which represents a 4% increase over the amount in 2021. This means that the winner of the Doubles tournament in Melbourne will walk away with a share of $486,250. However, the winner of the Mixed Doubles event will get a share of $40,000, while the loser will receive a mere A$100.

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In the 2022 Australian Open, the prize money for the doubles event has increased by a further $200,000. The prize money for the Mixed Doubles competition will also increase by a further $40,000. All in all, the prize money for the Australian Open in 2022 will be almost $4.5 million more than in 2021, a substantial increase over last year’s final. The Australian Open will continue to be the tournament with the largest prize pool, with the top singles player taking home a prize worth $2.75 million AUD.

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The doubles prize money in the Australian Open 2022 is up by $200,000 and the Mixed Doubles will win A$40,000. The Doubles prize money for the 2022 Australian Open is now the largest prize pool in tennis, with more than $5 million in cash. However, the mixed doubles will be the next tier of prize money, with a combined total of PS36.1 million AUD. The women’s singles tournament will also have a $1,350,000 AU.

The Australian Open in Australia offers the best prize money in the world for the doubles event. The mixed doubles tournament will feature $190,000 ASD for the winners. The US Open has the second largest prize money, with PS36.9 million ASD. Wimbledon has the third largest prize money at $66 million. If you’re interested in doubles, the AU is the only Australian Open for you.

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The Australian Open in Melbourne will have four categories. In the women’s doubles, $286,250 is the prize money for the winner. The winners of the men’s doubles in Melbourne will take home a total of $56,250. The men’s and women’s doubles tournaments in 2022 will continue to be the biggest tournament in Australia. The players will still get a lot of cash, but the Aussies will have more opportunities to win the big prizes.